Easy-straining casserole ARON: no need for potholders


A special pouring spout and a sophisticated lid rim with strainer holes in two sizes makes straining hot water from cooking potatoes, vegetables or noodles as safe and easy as never before.

And thanks to the practical casserole handles you don't even need potholders to do so: Simply flip the grey inner part up over the lid and you are ready to strain the hot water while safely holding the lid.

The induction-suitable easy-straining casserole ARON is available in 16 cm20 cm and 24 cm  size.

Steak knives, low price  

Amazing value: high-quality steak knives by Déglon


Currently we offer you the high-quality BRASSERIE steak knives by French brand Déglon in a set of 6 at a very special sale price!

BRASSERIE steak knives by Déglon feature a classic design. The blades are made from stainless steel and feature a finely serrated edge, making cutting steak very easy. The handles are made from easy to clean thermoplast, solidly fixed to the blade with 3 rivets. Of course the knives are dishwasher-safe.


DAMAS 67 damascus knives by Déglon  

GIFT IDEA: Top quality 66 layers damascus knives made in France with VG10 steel core


Knives made from damascus steel are of beguiling beauty. The characteristic pattern makes every knife unique.

The blades of the damask knives from the Damas 67 range by French knife specialist Déglon have a VG10 steel core that guarantees outstanding sharpness and wear resistance. This VG10 blade is embebbed between 66 layers of 420 and 431 steel. And because a beautiful premium quality blade would be nothing without a beautiful premium quality handle, Damas 67 damascus knives are completed by handles made from ivory-colored Corian. This hygienic mineral-based compound material is pore-less and extremely durable.