SSW rectangular cast alu gourmet roaster GUSTO RED + glass lid with aroma knob

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Attractive red cast alu roaster with aroma knob


The rectangular GUSTO cast alu gourmet roaster by SSW is your tool for a variety of delicious meals: With or without lid, on the hob or in the oven, tender poultry, juicy roastbeef, gratinated fish or stuffed bell peppers - it's all possible with the GUSTO roaster.

The aroma knob in the glass lid gives you even more creative possibilities: While cooking, just pour some wine, broth or other aromatic essences into the bowl-shaped aroma knob to give your meal that certain something that makes all the difference.

The environment-friendly non-stick coating of the GUSTO roaster allows low-fat cooking and makes cleaning a cinch.


  • A quality product by SSW - Stolze Stahl Waren.
  • Rectangular cast aluminum roaster, fast and even heat distribution upt to the rim.
  • Gradual red paint outside.
  • Sealed inside with environment-friendly non-stick coating.
  • Comes with glass lid with stainless steel rim, vent hole and aroma knob.
  • Aroma knob for easy adding of liquids without lifting the lid.
  • Roaster with integrated handle bars (always use pot holders).
  • Total length approx. 39.5 cm.
  • Upper inner length approx. 34 x 24 cm.
  • Height without lid approx. 11 cm.
  • Capacity approx. 7 liters.
  • Base dimensions (contact surface) approx. 29.5 x 19.5 cm, of which approx. 28.5 x 18.5 cm can be heated inductively.
  • Weight without lid approx. 1,8 kg.
  • Easy-care & dishwasher-safe.
  • Suitable for all hobs, also for induction cooktops.
  • Ovenproof without / with lid up to 220° / 180° C.
  • Comes in attractive color box.


PfannenProfis Service Notes: The base of this rectangular roaster has a slightly concave shape, necessary for safe a positioning of the hot cookware on all hobs. The concave shape is running in a longitudinal direction, which may cause the cookware to wobble slightly on flat surfaces like glass-ceramic that are are not affected by thermal expansion. The proper functioning of the roaster is not hindered by this technical requirement thus associated claims or notices of defect cannot be accepted.


Additional product information

material aluminum
coating non-stick
oven-proof yes
induction-suitable yes
dishwasher-safe yes


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SSW rectangular cast alu gourmet roaster GUSTO NATURA + glass lid with aroma knob SSW rectangular cast alu gourmet roaster GUSTO NATURA + glass lid with aroma knob
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