Kitchen Helpers

Food storage containers

Food storage containers

Containers with tightly closing lids for the safe storage of foodstuffs



Mixing bowls, baking molds, pastry brushes, dough scraper, whisks, measuring jugs and more

Salad Bowls

Salad Bowls

Bowls for preparing, serving and transporting salad. 

Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls, from small to large, for preparing cake dough, fillings, cream etc.

spice mills

spice mills

Pepper mills, salt mills, spice mills, made of wood or plastic, in many colours and shapes, with steel or ceramic grinders

Grilling & BBQing

Kitchen helpers for your BBQ: tongs, skewers, BBQ bruhes, meat hammer, marinating syringe


Quality chef's knives, paring knives, peeling knives, carving knives and many more with wooden, stainless or plastics handle



Granite, marble or cast iron mortars for crushing and grinding spices and herbs

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WESTMARK trussing needle

Product no.: WM-1268

Straight trussing needle, stainless steel, for lacing up poultry etc. Wide eye for easy threading.

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In stock and available within 3-5 workdays (Germany).

WESTMARK fat separator jug with strainer lid 1 liter

Product no.: WM-3075

Separates fat from gravy, stock and broth.. With strainer to hold back onions pieces etc.

14.99 *
In stock and available within 3-5 workdays (Germany).

WESTMARK splatter screen PICANTE fine-grid stainless steel mesh

Product no.: WM-1218

Splatter screen with extra fine-grid stainless steel mesh. Dishwasher-safe.

12.77 *

WESTMARK marinating syringe marinade injector

Product no.: WM-6142

Marinade injector syringe, 50 ml, made from plastics. Easy-take-off stainless steel needle.

13.99 *
In stock and available within 3-5 workdays (Germany).

WESTMARK poultry scissors stainless steel with cushioned handles

Product no.: WM-1372

Poultry scissors with spring and locking mechanism. Sturdy stainless steel, comfortable plastic handles.

13.99 *

WESTMARK roast string silicone set of 6 pcs

Product no.: WM-1524

Food-safe silicone roast strings, 6 pcs, heat-resistant up to 260° C, microwave-safe.

6.99 *
Only 1 left in stock! Available within 3-5 workdays (Germany).
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