For the roast

For the roast

A tasty roast usually takes some time and is therefore usually a dish that is not made every day; it is something special, something to feast on. With the right kitchen utensils, this delicious roast is even easier and better:

With a baster you take e.g. tasty roast juice or stock from the roaster and distribute it on the roast for even more taste or inject it directly into it.

Roasting string is also indispensable, be it for closing roulades, for wrapping a rolled roast or, in connection with a trussing needle, for sewing up the poultry roast after filling.

If you want the roast to be particularly aromatic and juicy, simply lard it once with the help of a larding needle. For example, use aromatic bacon or a spicy branch of rosemary to give your roast something special.

Large roasts of poultry such as duck or goose can release a lot of fat that you don't necessarily want to have in the gravy. Simply use a fat separator to separate the delicious gravy from excess fat. That's how you make gravy, from which everyone likes to get an extra spoon of.