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We here at encourage you to write a product review.

Your product review can and will help future customers to make the right buying decision. So, please tell us about your personal experience with the product that you purchased.

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How to write a helpful review


Elaborate: Reviews that are too short are not very helpful for other customers. Reviews should be at least 2 or 3 sentences long. An ideal length is 30 to 200 words.

Be specific: A good review not only lets the reader know if you like or dislike the product, but also why exactly. Focus on specific features of the product to explain your opinion.

Be honest and be fair: We welcome sincere reviews and do not remove reviews just because they are critical. However, criticizing product characteristics that are typical for the product (e.g. a cast iron pan is heavy; food sticks in a cookware without non-stick coating) and / or that have been mentioned in the product description is neither helpful nor fair.

Please rate only the product when using our product review feature. Our service (consulting, order processing, delivery times, packaging etc.) can be rated on another side at  AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG.


How long does it take for my review to be published?


The editorial content of our product pages is being updated at fixed intervals that are usually between 3 and 7 days. That long interval is necessary in order to optimize server performance and to guarantee short load times of the pages of our shop. Thus it may take a few days for your product review to be published.


Why was my review rejected?


Sometimes we have to reject a post if it does not comply with our guidelines:

We do not publish posts

  • that contain offensive or inappropriate content. Please refrain from using offensive, vulgar or obscene vocabulary, insults, threats and other forms of personal attacks.

  • that express intolerance or hate for other people

  • that promote illegal, offensive or indecent conduct

  • that contain political statements. We do not allow expressions about likes or dislikes for political parties, governmental and non-governmental organizations etc.

  • that contain private information (phone numbers, e-mail adresses etc.). Once your review is published it will be visible for everyone using the internet including search engines, so please be careful not to include unnecessary private information in your review.

  • that contain non-PfannenProfis URLs

  • that are not directly about reviewing a product. Comments about problems with the ordering process, payment handling, delivery times, packaging etc. are not about the product and should be shared by contacting us. Complaints that are directly or indirectly related to any possible claims under warranty or guarantee should also be communicated to us by direct contact.