BEKA iron pan MANDALA 24 cm with ceramic coating, no seasoning required

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Ceramic coated iron pan 24 cm, easy-to-clean, absolutely no seasoning required


What is immediately noticeable about the MANDALA pan by BEKA is its distinctive embossing pattern in the frying surface. This embossing ensures improved fat distribution and facilitates the drainage / vaporization of escaping meat juices. Together with the good heat properties of the iron, this creates very good conditions for searing, especially meat.

Thanks to the high-quality ceramic coating on the inside of the MANDALA pan, the seasoning process, otherwise typically required before first use of an iron pan, is completely unnecessary. And cleaning the iron pan is also a breeze thanks to the ceramic coating.

The outside of the MANDALA pan is enameled, so it can even be used on the BBQ grill. The attractive handle, made from real acacia wood, sits well in the hand and is heat-insulating.


  • A quality product by BEKA.
  • Frying pan made from pressed cast iron, with embossing inside.
  • Base thickness approx. 3 mm.
  • Enameled outside, black ceramic coating inside, easy-care.
  • Heat-insulating handle made from acacia wood.
  • Upper inner diameter 24 cm.
  • Height approx. 4.5 cm.
  • Length with handle approx. 45.5 cm.
  • Base diameter (contact surface) approx. 16 cm.
  • Weight approx. 1.2 kg.
  • For all hobs incl. induction cooktops.
  • For grills / BBQs (Position wooden handle in a way that it is protected from heat!)


PfannenProfis tips on how-to-use:

Attention, for crispy frying you DO NOT need the maximum heat of the stove! A medium-high power, e.g. level 7 of 9, is usually sufficient and protects the easy-care properties of the ceramic coating. 

Please DO NOT EVER heat up this pan on maximum heat when using it on an induction cooktop. Instead ALWAYS pre-heat it on low heat before increasing heat gradually. That gives the material more time to spread the induced heat and to expand more evenly. NEVER use the power / booster setting.

Additional product information

diameter 24 cm (~ 9,5 in)
material cast iron
coating ceramic
induction suitable yes
oven-proof no
handle material wood
handle attachment tightly screwed
dishwasher-safe no


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