RONNEBY BRUK pre-seasoned cast iron paella pan ULTRA LIGHT 36 cm

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Pleasantly light pre-seasoned cast iron paella pan with machined surface


ULTRA LIGHT cast iron frypans by Swedish company RONNEBY BRUK are being made in an innovative pressure casting process. A special machining then gives the surface of ULTRA LIGHT products its characteric looks. This revolutionary manufacturing process allows for much thinner walls than in conventional cast iron, resulting in amazing weight reductions of up to 40%! That's why modern ULTRA LIGHT frypans can even be used by people who used to shy away from conventional cast iron pans due to their heavy weight.

To make sure that you can start using your new pan right away, the ULTRA LIGHT pans, like all raw cast iron products by Ronneby Bruk, are completely factory pre-seasoned with pure rapeseed oil. This protective seasoning layer is the optimal basis for the patina that gradually forms during frying, so your long-lasting ULTRA LIGHT pan will actually get better and better over time.


  • A top quality product by Ronneby Bruk.
  • Durable cast iron pan, uncoated, pre-seasoned.
  • Innovative high-pressure casting, upt to 40% lighter than conventional cast iron pans.
  • Handles made from stainless steel with heat-insulating silicone cover.
  • Upper inner diameter ca. 35,5 cm.
  • Height ca. 5 cm.
  • Width with handles ca. 46 cm.
  • Base diameter (contact surface) ca. 26 cm.
  • Weight ca. 2,6 kg.
  • For all hobs, including induction.
  • Oven-proof up to 220° C


PfannenProfis application tips: It is good practice to first fry insensitive foods a few times in a new raw cast iron pan so that the pores in the still fresh seasoning layer can saturate themselves with fat, so to speak. For example, frying fatty bacon in the new pan has proven to be a good way to do this. As soon as you have fried insensitive foods in the new pan a few times, you can venture into more sensitive foods such as egg dishes or foods with a high starch content. Please observe the instructions for use and care enclosed with the goods. You will also find many helpful tips in the "Frying School" brochure, which you can download from this page.

ULTRA LIGHT pans are much ligther than conventional cast iron pans, so they also heat up faster on the stove. We reommend you chose a lower setting on your stove when heating the pan in order to avoid overheating the pan or burning of the food. Especially on induction cooktops it is absolutely essential to not ever use the Booster / Power setting, as this is only intended for heating large amounts of water; frying on maximum heat will result in overheating of the pan.

Cookware made of raw, uncoated cast iron may show traces of the casting process (small protrusions or indentations); such production marks do not constitute grounds for complaint.

Additional product information

instruction manual Download
diameter 36 cm (~ 14,2 in)
material cast iron
coating none
induction suitable yes
oven-proof yes
handle material stainless steel with silicone
handle attachment riveted
dishwasher-safe no

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