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33-CARATI  The non-stick pan for demanding users

The 33-CARATI pans by the Italian manufacturer BARAZZONI are forged from extra strong cast aluminum and sealed with a very special non-stick coating: Titanium particles and diamond dust reinforce the coating and make it even more abrasion- and scratch-resistant.

And the comfortable, heat-insulating silicone handles make handling of the 33-CARATI pans more pleasant and safe.

The 33-CARATI pans are available in four sizes from 20 to 32 cm and are also suitable for induction cookers.

BEKA 3-ply saucepan set TRI-LUX 16 18 20 cm with lids

Product no.: BEKA-13416974-9164-9184-9204

The alternative to copper: 3 saucepans 16, 18, 20 cm made from 3-ply material for optimal heat distribution. Induction suitable. With stainless steel lids.

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BELIS steel-enamel casserole BUBBLE 20 cm

Product no.: BL-71720-569DAD05

Robust casserole 20 cm, enamelled steel, dark blue outside with bubble decor, light blue inside. Capacity approx. 3 liters. With lid.

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In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

WESTMARK ice-cream scoop PROFI stainless steel

Product no.: WM-6294

Ice-cream scoop 5 cm, stainless steel, with trigger.

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RONNEBY BRUK cast iron 2-in-1 griddle flat & ribbed, pre-seasoned

Product no.: RB-150600

REMNANTS Double-sided cast iron griddle, one side ribbed, one side flat, no artificial coating. Pre-seasoned and ready to use. Frying area ca. 38,5x24,5 cm. GAS ONLY.

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BARAZZONI colander stainless steel 22 cm

Product no.: BZ-802115022

Colander 22 cm made from 18/10 stainless steel with feet and two large side handles. For straining of noodles / pasta, potatoes, vegetables etc.

16.50 *
In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

New CS KOCHSYSTEME cast iron griddle pan 26x26 cm enamel WHITE

Product no.: CSK-072629

Cast iron griddle pan 26 x 26 cm. Enameled white outside, black inside. Ideal for steaks.

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In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).
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