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CERAMALJ Ceramic + enamel = easy-care cast iron

Conventional cast iron casseroles are very heavy. CERAMALJ casseroles by Swedish brand RONNEBY BRUK, on the other hand, are pleasantly light, up to 40% lighter, as they are manufactured using a special high-pressure casting process. CERAMALJ roasters are also particularly easy to clean thanks to an attractive enamelling on the outside (classic orange-red flamed or elegant white) and a new black ceramic coating on the inside.


BEKA iron pan NOMAD 28 cm carbon steel frypan with acacia wood handle

Product no.: BEKA-13977284

Uncoated carbon steel frypan 28 cm with attractive acacia wood handle.

37.00 *
In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

SSW stainless steel stockpot VITALO XXL 10 liters with glass lid 26 cm induction

Product no.: SSW-400120

Large stainless steel pot 26 cm with approx. 10 litre capacity. Suitable for induction. With glass lid. Dishwasher safe.

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In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

SSW stainless steel casserole set PIAZZA with extra thick base

Product no.: SSW-400095

High quality 7 pcs. cookware set, mirror finished stainless steel. Extra strong pot bases, induction-suitable. 3 casseroles/pots 16/20/20 cm with flat glass lids, 1 saucepan 16 cm.

77.15 *
In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

New SSW non-stick shallow casserole CRISPY NATURA BIG RED 28 cm with lid

Product no.: SSW-327428

Extra deep frypan 28 cm with side handles, induction-suitable. Non-stick coating for low-fat cooking and easy cleaning. Red color gradient outside. With glass lid.

38.15 *
In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

BELIS steel-enamel frypan STABIL EXTRA 24 cm detachable handle

Product no.: BL-57524-07B000Y5

Rustic frying pan 24 cm, enamelled steel, matte black outside, cobalt blue inside. Removable wooden handle.

27.90 *
Only 1 left in stock! Available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

WESTMARK silicone baking mat CRISPY structured red

Product no.: WM-3011

Structured baking mat made of red silicone, 40 x 28 cm. All-round rim keeps fat back. 

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Old price / MSRP 15.99 €
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In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).
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