Enameled roasters

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BELIS steel-enamel roaster rectangular 41 x 31 cm with lid

Product no.: BL-37140-00400005

Large rectangular roaster made of enamelled steel, black. With space-saving side-mounted handles. With lid.

43.25 *

BELIS steel-enamel roaster STABIL EXTRA oval 32 x 24 cm with lid

Product no.: BL-87232-67B00005

Rustic oval casserole dish 24 cm, enamelled steel, matte black outside, cobalt blue inside. Capacity approx. 6.5 liters. With lid.

66.35 *
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Enameled roasters

Roasters made of enameled steel are real kitchen classics and were the material of choice before stainless steel and cast aluminum came along as modern alternatives.

Roasters made of enameled steel are much lighter than enameled roasters made of cast iron, making them easier to handle.

During production the enamel and the steel are fusing at more than 800° C, resulting in a glass-like non-porous surface, resistant to smells or stains.