Pressure Cookers

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BEKA silicone gasket 22 cm for pressure cooker 2011 and on

Product no.: BEKA-16303844

Replacement gasket for recent BEKA pressure cookers, model year 2011 and on.

17.45 *

BARAZZONI pressure cooker FACILE DUAL SYSTEM stainless steel 22 cm 6 L

Product no.: BZ-5500450060

6 (4) liters pressure cooker 22 cm from Italy, stainless steel 18/10 with twist lock and 2 side handles. Two selectable pressure levels. Induction-suitable.

98.79 *
Only 1 left in stock! Available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

BEKA silicone gasket 22 cm for pressure cooker

Product no.: BEKA-21761009

22 cm replacement gasket 1761009 for older BEKA pressure cookers, model year 1980 and on, series Bio-Schnellko and Schnellkomat 22 cm. Material: silicone

16.33 *
In stock and available within 2-3 workdays (Germany).

BARAZZONI silicone gasket for FACILE DUAL SYSTEM pressure cooker 22 cm

Product no.: BZ-CG05006000

Replacement gasket 22 cm, felxible, heat-resistant silicone. For Bararzzoni pressure cooker Facile Dual System.

15.99 *
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Cooking at full steam!

Cooking tasty and at the same time healthy dishes can sometimes become a time burden in hectic everyday life. Pressure cookers can be a great help when cooking time is short again.

But pressure cookers are also a sensible purchase in view of the increasingly important topic of "energy saving". By reducing cooking times, you can make significant savings in electricity or gas.

So you save time and money. This way a pressure cooker pays off twice over!

Pressure Cookers

How the pressure cooker works

The secret of the pressure cooker is its tightly sealed cooking chamber. The controlled pressure increase in the interior raises the boiling point of the water. It can therefore be heated to well over 100°C without boiling. Due to the higher temperature, the food is cooked much faster.

To avoid a dangerously high overpressure, the valve on the pressure cooker releases excess pressure and steam in a controlled manner. A slight "hissing" or "sizzling" sound is therefore completely normal when operating a pressure cooker.

Need a new gasket for your pressure cooker? We have suitable sealing rings for 22 cm pressure cookers of the BEKA brand from 1980 onwards as well as for current BEKA models in our range.